the bee project

The project is based at our Nkayi Mill and surrounding forests. Our aim is to install multiple bee hives which will be safeguarded by passionate employees who are proactive in working along side Zimbabwe’s Forestry Commission to protect the wildlife, bees and trees in the area.

Sustainable Forestry

As a company we pride ourselves in our sustainability and environmental awareness. It is vitally important to us that we protect our forests for the future and ensure that they continue to thrive and grow. 

We follow strict procedures and protection policies when harvesting our trees ensuring that only trees of a certain size, that aren’t reproducing may be harvested. We also follow special regulations that quote a certain amount of trees per 100square meters, therefore after harvesting the area remains dense.  

As well as following these regulations we drop seed balls which are seeds from our trees, rolled in clay and ash, creating a perfect place for saplings to grow. 

These balls are hand made by the locals in return for payment and therefore saves the future forests of Zimbabwe while empowering the people. 

Seed Balls

Apart from following these regulations we drop seed balls which are seeds from our own trees, rolled in clay and ash, creating a perfect place for saplings to grow. These balls are hand made by the locals. In a simple way we are ensuring the future of the forests in Zimbabwe and creating jobs for the people.