Based in Zimbabwe we are a family owned business, and one of the only flooring manufacturers internationally that own and manage every aspect of the business. From logging and forest management, to milling, transporting, kiln drying, all processing and finishing aspects to finally supplying and exporting the products into many of South Africa’s top holiday destination lodges/hotels, as well as prestigious homes. Our product can also be found in many commercial locations throughout South Africa.
We have diverse knowledge of our timber and products coupled with a flexibility to cater for the needs of the most stylistically demanding customised projects.
We pride ourselves on quality. Our products comes with full forestry accreditations and carry warranties against decay and moisture.
History shows that explorer ships of the middle ages, to the finest flooring finishes of the 21st century, Zambezi Teak is a world class, versatile material. We have a passion and a deep respect for this exotic, beautiful yet tough timber.

The Company


Our product is processed from indigenous teak hardwood harvested and milled in the Nkayi area of Matebeleland North, an area classified by the Government of Zimbabwe as Distressed and Marginalised. The business directly employees between 100-200 employees in any given season in its harvesting and milling operation and supports the majority of downstream industries in the area including the Rural District Council through royalties and licencing as well as the rural communities operated in through roads maintenance and sinking of wells to ease access to water. The company’s sawmill in Nkayi is the larger part of the business carrying three quarters of the company’s workforce. Kiln drying, manufacturing and processing is done in Harare where we utilise German Kiln drying systems and moulding machinery. Our rough sawn wood is supplied to the majority of the country’s commercial and artisanal furniture manufacturers and our processed teak flooring and decking is supplied to housing developments, game lodges, hotels, embassies, individual homeowners and exported to Markets such as South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, The Emirates, Kenya, Egypt and beyond. Our goal is to increase our contribution to the local communities we operate in terms of employment opportunities and standard of living of our staff and their families.


  • Pride of Africa’s resource is sourced from a concession issued forest managed by the Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe. The Forestry Commission is the sole custodian and steward of forests in Zimbabwe.
  • Before each concession is issued an Environmental Impact Assessment Licence is issued by the Environmental Management Agency, an independent government agency and key stakeholder in sustainability and ecology management in the country, The E.I.A conducted detail cutting plans as well as the impact of felling and mitigation actions that the concession holder will undertake to reduce the impact of harvesting on the forest.
  • Harvesting parameters are scheduled by Forestry Commission statutes and each tree felled is marked and listed by the Forestry Commission Foresters working with company harvesting supervisors.
  • The dual monitoring and harvesting system ensures that the right sized trees are harvested and that the seeds from felled trees and young saplings are given an opportunity to regenerate the forests. Harvesting is conducted in cyclical patterns which range from 35 to 60 years. 
  • Zimbabwe led from the front by being the first and only country in the SADC region not to permit exportation of rough sawn unprocessed teak, a position which has ensured that the country retains a significant resource base compared to counterparts in the SADC and a position that has allowed beneficiation to filter through the industry in terms of value retention in communities and for businesses, equipment and plant improvements, processing and improvement of standards to regional and international quality standards.

Our People

At Pride of Africa Exports Private Limited, we believe that our people are the driving force behind the business. In order to effectively drive our vision and goals it is imperative that we not only have the right people, but also rather, create an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and growth. Undertaking to have the right people with the right skills, the right professional and personal decorum is the underlying principle that drives our People policy. In line with these beliefs, the company undertakes as a matter of policy, the continuous development of staff with regards to service qualifications and certifications so that our clients are guaranteed to have the best advice on the product information they receive and the acquisition choices they make.

Pride of Africa Exports Private Limited is an equal opportunity employer. The company does and will not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, non-disqualifying disability, demographic allotment in as far as recruitment, employment and progression are concerned or any other basis as covered by the law. The company commits to uphold the best practice standards as well as the laws and statues of the country.

corporate social Responsibility

The saw milling activities in the Matebelaland region have seen the company assisting in employment of school leavers who are interned in various capacities, such as artisans in the carpentry factory. In addition to royalties to the NRDC the company continually supports the local orphanage and old age home; we aisles assist with furniture for local schools. Due to the incessant water shortages in the Matebeland region, the company has also delved into sinking boreholes as well as road clearing for the rural communities.

Our Team

Artwell Muronda

Artwell is our salesman in Johannesburg, he is our most passionate employee. His love for the product and company shine through all of his sales. Artwell is our longest serving employee in Johannesburg and he is the person contact if you would like to find out more about the product.

Ian Wright
Warehouse Manager

Ian is our warehouse manager and glens right hand man. He is level headed and is an excellent problem solver. He controls stock as well as company purchased and manages the staff at pride of Africa Johannesburg. he joined pride of Africa three years ago.

Addlight Mugurunji

Addlight is new to our team. She is the receptionist and account clerk in the office and therefore the new face of pride of Africa Johannesburg. She always has a big smile on her face and is happy to help with all the jobs around the office. She is brilliant in customer service.

Noel Mabasa
Warehouse Assistant

Noel is our driver as well as our warehouse assistant. he collects orders and delivers our timber to our very important clients.

Kudakwashe Sithole
Warehouse Assistant

Kuda is our warhouse assistant and handy man around the warehouse. he sorts through the stock and makes sure that all orders are packed correctly and are accurate to the customers specifications.